1. Night’s Knights

largefrontcoverNight’s Knights (#1)

by Emerian Rich

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Severina is an exotic beauty from the jungles of Brazil whose family is brutally murdered by the same man she later calls lover.

Markham is a simple Irish immigrant striving for the American dream in 1860 when coach robbers cause his untimely death.

Julien is a knight who serves as guardian angel to his family but has no clue about his predestined fate.

Vampires on a quest for knowledge attempt to create the perfect offspring, but from the shadows an even more demonic evil threatens their immortality.

Will a powerful mortal named Jespa be the one to save them all?

“Emerian Rich is the unrivaled queen of podcast horror fiction.” -Mike Bennett, author of One Among The Sleepless

“Night’s Knights gives new meaning to the preconceived notion of vampires. These vamps left me with the taste of blood in my mouth and an unquenchable thirst for more.” -Rhonda R Carpenter, author of The Mark of a Druid

“Never before have I felt so much compassion for a bunch of murderous vampires. Fresh, original, and thoroughly entertaining.” -Mark Eller, author of Traitor “Emerian brought the Vampire Novel back from the dead! Jespa will captivate you and leave you wanting more.” -C. E. Dorsett, author of Shine Like Thunder

Chapter 1:

Jespa isn’t the kind of girl you cheat on. She’s the perfect-bodied vixen that men and women fall in love with on sight. Yet, Rafe was stupid enough to screw up.

Chapter 2:

Martin hates Jespa. She’s evil. Possibly even the devil! And worst of all, she’s stolen his lover.

Chapter 3:

A letter to Mr. Sam Kellerman of the National Organization of Supernatural Specialists from Mr. Tommy Lewis, Ketchikan, Alaska. A Tlinget man explains his daughter’s supernatural gifts to a scientist who he hopes can help him.

Chapter 4:

Jimmy Mason is a cowboy from just outside San Antonio, Texas. What use does he have for superstition and supernatural visions? None! So why is he seeing some old time stagecoach man?

Chapter 5:

Kristine Logan has been having dreams of a handsome stranger with blue eyes and long white hair. Why does he consume her thoughts and why does he seem so real?

Chapter 6:

Kristine goes clubbing with a friend, but The Man is still in her thoughts. Meeting up with Jespa, they compare notes on why life is such hell.

Chapter 7 & 8:

Martin fumes about Jespa, has a fight with Craig, and has strange dreams. Jimmy receives another visit from Markham who proposes a new life for Jimmy. A life where Jimmy could be young forever, have immortal skills, and never die.

Chapter 9 & 10:

Sam Kellerman from the National Organization for Supernatural in LA returns a letter to Tommy Lewis. He is interested in the story of Tommy’s daughter’s powers. Tommy replies to the letter with interesting news. The being has appeared again and this time Tommy’s neck is injured. Jespa is having strange dreams again. She dreams of an Indian, a little girl, Martin, and Rafe when all she really wants is a good night sleep.

Chapter 11:

Kristine dreams of the godly man of her dreams. He tells her such strange things. In the end she imagines him being real, standing by her bed, but that can’t be, can it?

Chapter 12:

Markham’s Tale: Markham O’Leary is a simple Irish immigrant striving for the American dream in 1860 when coach robbers cause his untimely death.

Chapter 13 & 14:

Markham’s Tale Continues: Markham is riding back to San Francisco, dreaming of his future when coach robbers cause his untimely death. As he fades into the light, he sees God… and HE is a woman.

Chapter 15:

Julien’s Tale: Julien tells of his mortal life and his father’s murderous deeds.

Chapter 16:

Julien’s Tale continues: Julien suffers a third tragedy and gets attacked in an underground tomb.

Chapter 17:

Julien’s Tale continues: Julien is saved for revenge.

Chapter 18:

Severina’s Tale: Severina becomes a vampire after her family is brutally murdered.

Chapter 19:

Severina’s Tale continues: Severina is now a vampire in a cult of religious undead. Will she be strong enough to complete God’s Plan?

Chapter 20:

Severina’s Tale: Severina makes her First Kill and experiences The Circle Of Love with Sandro.

Chapter 21:

The conclusion of Severina’s Tale. Severina must make a hard decision. To stay with her love Sandro or live forever?

Chapter 22:

Kristine decides she will become a vampire. Jespa has more strange dreams and helps Kristine with her “Things to do before” list.

Chapter 23:

Jimmy ponders Markham’s proposal to live forever. Sam Kellerman from the NOSN arrives in Ketchikan to investigate the Lewis household.

Chapter 24:

Severina finds Julien and his maker in Italy. Julien is bewitched by Severina and craves the answers she can provide him. They travel to England to kill his father.

Chapter 25:

Severina and Julien return to his childhood home to exact revenge on his mortal father. Later, they find an underground vampire’s lair that contains journals written by a vampire scholar named Reidar.

Chapter 26:

Julien is welcomed into his family’s castle after his father’s death but Severina uncovers something in Reidars journals that makes them flee England.

Chapter 27:

Sam Kellerman and his assistant Jake are monitoring the Lewis household. They aren’t quite as ready for the visitor as they thought. Jespa is helping Kristine complete her list. Is Martin just drunk? Or does he have something to do with the strange dreams Jespa’s been having?

Chapter 28:

Severina humors Sam by letting him ask questions about being a vampire. Victoria comes home and Severina makes her a vampire, but Victoria’s got a surprise in store. Jimmy gives Markham his answer.

Chapter 29:

On the advice of Kristine, Jespa goes to her apartment to settle her affairs with Rafe and Delaney. But Kristine’s motives may not have been entirely innocent.

Chapter 30:

This is the Chapter you’ve been waiting for… Jespa gets the immortal kiss.

Chapter 31:

Markham finds an alluring cocoa-skinned poet in Harlem and Julien attempts to persuade her to join them in Manhattan.

Chapter 32:

The cocoa-skinned beauty says yes, but Markham can’t control his hunger for her.

Chapter 33:

Markham is lost in his self-inflicted coma. When Severina returns to Manhattan, she senses something is different.

Chapter 34:

Markham finally experiences the Circle Of Love. He wakes up to Julien’s scolding. Jeanie isn’t dead, but she isn’t all there. Severina is worried about others.

Chapter 35:

An evil vampire cult is after them. Will Severina have to give her life to save them?

Chapter 36:

We’ve got vampires fighting, lives sacrificed, and more info on how the vampires came to be in the first place. Plus, a cameo by an elder vampire you biters haven’t seen before.

Chapter 37:

The conclusion of the 1920’s vampire fight. Death claims many. Markham explains how the challenge to create new vampires began.

Chapter 38:

Markham, Julien, and the newbies fly back to England, only to find Severina is not there. Annabella hears desperate cries in the night. Sam attempts to save Severina’s remains.

Chapter 39:

Severina is a charred, lifeless body. Sam helps her get to safety. Martin wakes up in England. Julien and Jespa talk about what they’re gonna do about The Bitch.

Chapter 40:

Severina walks into the light. Kristine hears voices from other worlds.

Chapter 41:

Julien and Jespa share more than just an immortal kiss.

Chapter 42:

Jespa kicks some demon ass.

Chapter 43:

The crew hears of their creation and say goodbye to some old friends.

End – Interviews with Characters:

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