Author Sketch

New Vamp
1920’s Harlem
Sire: Markham
Special Skill: Strength of Spirit 
Jeanie’s story deals with oppression in several forms. Although racism is generally seen as a bad thing, women rights seem to take a back seat in many cultures. Even inside minority races, the way women are treated subservient is usually considered par for the course. The male poets in Harlem treating Jeanie in such a degrading way is a situation some women face everyday. As an immigrant from another time, Markham seemed innocent to the fact that Jeanie’s people, although free from slavery, were still fighting for equality. It was extremely hard for me to kill Jeanie off because I loved her personality, her cause, and the awesome self-confidence she exuded as a woman who could lead her people in overcoming oppression. I hope that Jeanie’s strength will be brought back in a new incarnation I’ve got planned for the sequel.

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