Author Sketch

B. 1485   –   D. 1502
Pre-vamp job: Waitress
Country: Brazil
Sire: Sandro
Special Skill: Maternal Instinct

I wanted a young girl from a foreign country who would be caught up in the exotic feelings of Sandro and the cult. As an Anne Rice fan, I really enjoyed the cult idea, but she never really delved into the cult rituals. Being a minister’s child and having an interest in religions and cults, I wanted to explore how a vampire cult might operate. How would they honor their god? How would they initiate a new member? They say that minister children founded seven of the top ten fanatical cults. Rather than start my own and having to die by Jello-cide, I let my charries explore this possibility for me.

Severina - Fayre's Second Life Version

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