Author Sketch

B. 1499   –   D. 1533
Pre-vamp job: Artist
Country: England
Sire: Artemisia
Special Skill: Guardian Angel  

Julien is every girl’s dream. Too perfect, too pretty, too emotional to be real. My visual of Julien as a young knight started as Cary Elwes in Princes Bride. After Julien is turned into a beautiful monster, I pictured LaCouix from the TV series Forever Night. Perhaps a bit younger and with longer hair, I wanted Julien to have a dominating presence. He never really stood up for himself. Sure, he killed his father, but would he have done it if he wasn’t pushed into it by Artemisia and Severina? In the sequel, Julien will show a different side of himself. 

 Wolf’s Second Life Version of Julien

Author Sketch




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