Night’s Knights Character Listing

These listings are for readers and listeners of Night’s Knights: A Vampire Tale by Emerian Rich.

Photo by Amanda Norman

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10 thoughts on “Night’s Knights Character Listing

  1. Your show Nights Knights is awsome
    I love all the different voices an stories I’ve heard so far its awsome I’m deffently a fan for life
    Can’t waitw to hear ore after I finnish listing to Nights Knights
    Your new fan Leslie

      • Yeah that’s why I like her
        I’m listing to Nights Knights now
        She’s what I wish I was a tought telling it like it is don’t mess with me girl chick
        With vodka of course lol
        If I had friends I’d Deffently tell them about Nights Knights
        I downloaded it on my I tunes to 😁

      • Hi I finelly finished listing to nights Knights last night was awsome
        Loved the interviws with jsbaa and the drunk guy Larry lol he was funny
        Definitely another fav Larry is
        I loved it 😃

    • I’m getting closer to finishing Nighrs Knights
      It’s awsome I’m on rhe part were Geini
      Got eaten it sounded like it’s crazy
      But I love it ☺️
      Your Fan Leslie 😊

    • I can’t waite either
      It’s awsome that’s for sure
      I have another fav to Julien
      Did I spell it right ?
      How do u sound like him all of them
      It’s awsome 😀
      Dose julien have a brother for me lol 😀

      • Yes, Julien. He is one of my favs too. 🙂
        On the voices – I do my best. I think Markham is the hardest for me I feel like 12 angry Irishmen will knock on my door any minute. Hehhee
        Julien did have a brother – Jonathan, but sadly he was allowed to die by their wicked father.

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